Collective Wings Perinatal Project

"It became clear to me in the process of empowering women through the birth process, one woman at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, that we needed to develop our own models of birth and care. You women know that life itself speaks to us, that our bodies are the doorways through which human beings come from the spirit world to this one, and that the capacity and power in that moment of birth is available to us as women, as families, as relatives, to find our inner strength and wisdom and the stories of the people." 

-Katsi Cook, Mohawk Midwife

specializing in human interconnections and presence

Our Mission

Formerly the Santa Cruz Bilingual Doula Collective in 2012 and the Janus Perinatal Doula Program in 2015, Collective Wings Perinatal Project (CWPP) has been serving the community since January 1, 2016. We prioritize bilingual, people of color, queer, and childbearing families in recovery who are interacting with institutions such as Child Welfare, Recovery Centers, Probation, Immigration System, and others. We offer trauma informed and culturally appropriate doula model of care services across the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences, including: abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth and adoption. We also provide advocacy, wombyn’s health, childbirth education and postpartum wellness groups. We work with each family’s vision and do our best to meet their needs or connect them to resources in the community. In addition, we offer belly casting, MotherBaby Blessings, pregnancy photography, herbal medicines, postpartum sealing ceremonies, placenta rituals and encapsulation.

"We are all in awe of the way we have flowed together. We have become this cohesive presence to protect and preserve humanity in childbirth. We all deserve peace and kindness during the sacred ceremony of life. We are so so grateful and honored to do this work."

- Maria Ramos​

CWPP Founder

Collective Wings Perinatal Project prioritizes women and families in recovery programs, farmworking, homeless, youth, queer and others with minimal support system.  Low income families and other families can receive services on a sliding scale basis. 

"We are like seeds through the storm, trusting life, remembering each other, interdependently held in collective wings" 

--A passage molded by all members of Collective Wings Perinatal Project

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Our Vision

We are a cohesive unity rooted in the vision of birth and reproductive justice for all. Through human interconnection and presence, we hold space for childbearing families in their process of reconnecting to their inner wisdom and strength. We believe that birth medicine and honoring the cycles of life can help heal our communities.