Maria Ramos

A brief history

Born in Ayotitlan, Jalisco and raised between the peripheries of the San Lorenzo River of Santa Cruz, California and the highlands of Jalisco. In Mexico, she helped raised animals, washed in the river, planted maiz, and did not leave her mother's or abuelita's side.

In the United States, she was an undocumented farm working child from the beach flats, relative of gangsters and drug dealers. After her mother transitioned into the spirit world during childbirth, Maria being a mere seven years old, her grandmother as well met her daughter there in passing from medical negligence, Maria was able to reconnect to them through plant and birth medicine. 

Maria is a Mother, Doula, student midwife, methadone dosing nurse, and addictions counselor. 

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Collective Wings Perinatal Project

"My name is María and I am a birth and postpartum doula/counselor and mother. I believe in the healing power of supporting each other during transitional experiences in our lives. Birth is a key experience that the mother, newborn and loved ones will remember all their lives. I would like to assist in making it a positive experience where the mother/family feel uplifted and empowered."

"Mi nombre es Maria y soy doula de parto y despues del parto/consejera y mama. Creo en el poder de ayudarnos las unas a las otras durante momentos importantes en nuestras vidas. Dar a luz es una experiencia clave para la mama, el recien nacido y los seres queridos que recordaran para el resto de sus vidas. Me gustaría ayudar a convertir esta experiencia en una positiva donde la mama se sienta apoyada escuchada y informada de sus sus opciones y de lo que está sucediendo en su cuerpo y con su bebé."

-Maria Ramos