Collective Wings Perinatal Project

"Whether we experience it or not, grief accompanies all the major changes in our lives. When we realize that we have grieved before and recovered, we see that we may recover this time as well. It is more natural to recover than to halt in the tracks of grief forever. Our expectations, willingness and beliefs are all essential to our recovery from grief. It is right to expect to recover, no matter how great the loss. Recovery is the normal way .”

-Judy Tatelbaum

The Collective Wings Perinatal Project Doula's can  support  any questions that may come up during a difficult time within or after your pregnancy. 

Dealing with these difficult times can be hard on the mind and body, we offer counseling, massage and postnatal belly binding that can help heal the body of our womb trauma to help open the avenue into you and your families personal physical and spiritual resolutions.