Collective Wings Perinatal Project

Reconnecting the woman with herself and her true light, being and force is something that can attune a person no matter where we meet them. To come in contact with your strength and mentor that light is a delight that the Collective Wings Perinatal Doula's reserve a great amount of space for. 

Holding the space for those who may or are currently feeling the pressure that is life and childbirth bring. 

"The women in whom we have met that we have supported in this way are the strongest and most endearing women we have had the pleasure to be invited to share this time with."

Being part of the Janus Perinatal Program has given the Collective a point of distinction that sets them apart, the ability to meet families and women in a place where they have hardly been met before, to reinforce that there are people who care a great deal and in turn only want success and happiness. 

Either birthed into the marginalized populated or experienced injustice personally, the Collective Wings Perinatal Project members were set into the same realities or learned along the way.

Many resource from personal experience or learnings;  

2016: Perinatal Substance Use Disorders Symposium, members attended as aid and resource of reference for education. 

2018: Perinatal M&M Conference: "Banked Donor Milk for the NICU" Ronald S Cohen MD, FAAP. Clinical Professor of Pediatrics.