Sylvia Rubio

"Working with women within their transitional stages of life, not only personally but very physically as well, has been the most opening and trying work. I am so thankful to connect with all of my clients. I look forward to meeting you all on a personal level and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me anytime. I am available to you open heartedly."

-Sylvia Rubio

Collective Wings Perinatal Project

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In short...

 Born and raised in Santa Cruz, has been studying since 2012 as a birth doula and has recently put herself into the doula community in the last year, falling in love with the groups of strong, wisdom filled women. 

Sylvia works with the women of Janus Perinatal as well as the Siena House in Santa Cruz. The drive that started her work came from growing up in the marginalized population and witnessing first hand the state given care, and how much nurturing was needed for families needed within the system. 

Her current goals are to help many families and mothers  that are interested in the strength of group meetings,  anything between the lines of acupressure to herbology.  Any questions are highly appreciated.